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Phoria - New works by Ferris Martinez

PHORIA: n. (pho·​ria | \ pfō-rē-ah  \)

any of various tendencies of the lines of vision to deviate from the normal when binocular fusion of the retinal images is prevented

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Stemming from a childhood love of Renaissance art and graphic novels, the work of Ferris Martinez focuses largely around the representational, with particular emphasis given to portraiture and the

human figure.


Recently this approach has shifted towards the incorporation of more abstract elements and less reliance on static reference materials, undergirded by a larger technical investigation into color and more intuitive mark making as seen through the prism of using figures from pop culture and friends as models.


This is part of a lifelong process of trying to describe the internal state, the vibrant impressions and forces – whether for better or worse – that rule us, that govern our perception of ourselves and outward expression. And while all art is - by its nature – at least somewhat reflexively descriptive of the individual maker, what is far more exciting is trying to externalize the intimate and the hidden of not just the artist, but of others as well.


To all things, there is a vibrant hidden

experience, an inner form that renders

and guides much of our ordered life.


This new body of work then seeks to remove some of the all-too-familiar polish, and to examine those kaleidoscopic eddies waiting just below the surface.


Phoria - New works by Ferris Martinez

Opening reception 10/09 5-8pm

On view 10/9 - 11/2

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