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Nouvelle Eden -  Works by Andre Hart

'Nouvelle Eden'

Works of Andre Hart


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 It is the new garden to me. A paradise, and. each day since making this new work, has felt metaphysical. When coming into my new studio, a new town, new landscape and over all a new headspace, it appeared to me like most things do right before the take off point. Sending regards to my old style, a new path was born in a moment and so was I. Wild textured brush strokes blending into flesh and flooding over mountains. I would come to paint my revenge in colors well arranged resplendent, because in fact my New Eden could finally be seen, be felt. 


I wanted to explore 3 elements. The landscape, scene and  portrait. These are merely the clothesline to which I could hang my style and stories from. But beyond the technique sits in pose my new muse Fryda. You will find her in multiple works as she has been an influence to a sometimes fleeting feeling,  yet she sustains the moment.


I want to dedicate this work to my mother. Who when in my darkest hour and it felt as though I would never paint again, gave me the courage to get out and get back to what I love most. Because beyond the living, I am just a boy with his brushes wanting to paint the gaiety of the present, a new Eden.


Works by Andre Hart

Opening reception 02/05 5-8pm

On view 02/05 - 02/28

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