Mizuki Nishiyama

You may know mixed-Japanese artist Mizuki Nishiyama from her expressive paintings, exploring and  understanding Japanese heritage through her multinational eyes. While her career as a painter is  nothing short of successful, winning her first solo show in New York at just 18 years old and having  her paintings featured in over 30 exhibitions across the world, Mizuki’s story takes you back to her  childhood as she experiences life as an artist and the challenges of being female. 

Born to a Japanese father and a mother from Hong Kong, Mizuki has always found it challenging to  find her identity. “I call myself mixed Japanese because I think that is what growing up in Hong Kong  was able to give to me. It is a much more freeing society than Japan in my opinion. Being an expat in  Hong Kong, but also considering myself somewhat of a local, I bounced around, given time and  forgiveness to make mistakes and discover my multilayered identity.” She attended an international  school in Hong Kong and soon found herself exploring the world, finally laying down roots in New  York where she found her true identity as a painter.