In the Form of...

As both form & figure embody a long and complicated history between its potential total universality, but factually institutionalized retention of communicative strategies of the historically elite, it is always the challenge of the representation of form to both wield this misuse, while working to utilize what is manifest to connect with one of the few things all share in one way or another. Additionally, to expose one’s voice, to reach out and share what forms we’ve taken in (literally) this current moment, as a result of our own stories or perceived relationships. 


The psychology of the self, in relationship to both individual acknowledgement though physical technique & application of material, as well as the manifestation of that unique relationship to the unique subject, has been one of the most revitalizing and moments of being reminded in my first and continued viewing of the works by artists Andre & Ferris - may it be the stable nature of the forms still through beautiful, satisfying textured and layered surfaces, or the contemporary impressionism and abstract tools that seek intentional challenge in the well handling of the predisposition of the mind to seek familiarity with the face.


These artists continue in the work of reestablishing relevance in form - as it manifests in this instance, and reminds of the pursuit of the representational to remain ever self-reinventing through new forms of both self and that which we create as a result of it.



On view: 11/12 - 12/19

Reception: 11/12 @ 5-8pm

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