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Heavenly Bodies

The works in this exhibition confuse the separation between supposed opposites by employing methods of distortion, conflation and repetition. Strength and fragility, armor and cage, past and future, entangle to form a visual vocabulary of disrupted associations. The work’s content and processes address the means by which an idealized womanhood has been produced and disseminated across art historical tradition and popular media, and deployed as a tool for bodily control. Woven among cultural signifiers of femininity are instruments of computing, manufacturing, transmission, and acceleration. These connections, evoking a robotic infusion, position gender and power as cultural constructions. Flattened into screens, and made physical within sculptural installations, familiar imagery is taken up and reconfigured, offering new futures forged from pieces left behind. 



On view: 10/1 - 10/29

Reception: 10/1 @ 5-8pm

Press Release
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