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Empty Set - Curated by Blanca Bercial

I often find myself in the midst of an artistic productivity funnel. One there, I delve into the idea of reaching nothingness with my practice. At first, that thought seems absurd, yet not less absurd than the productivity mindset we are immersed into and that pushes me to seek for nothing.

What is more absurd than producing artworks that seek staying productive? How can I create something with the idea of reaching nothing in particular?

Yet seeking nothing leads into something.

Acknowledging that questioning nothingness becomes something. I question, how can we question something for it to become nothing?

How do we seek nothing? how do we explore nothingness?

I do not want to comply with contemporary art's maxim "I am born, I am productive, I die".

And here I am, failing in hope for 'nothing'.


If you want to fail with me, you are welcome to.


Blanca Bercial

curating nothing

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