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Andre Hart

I am an agent of change. Most artists believe and are taught to obtain one singular style and work in that way for the rest of their days, but I have challenged this idea for years. I am notorious for taking long breaks from picture making and upon each return, I change my style. 


  In 2020 my living situation banned me from painting and it wasn't by my own admission. For the first time I couldn't paint and I wanted to. So in October of that year I set out on my own, achieving a space to create again. Once set up, I made a promise to myself to never be in a situation like that again and to celebrate my love for painting. 


  I am not a portrait artist though I paint portraits. Nor a landscape artist though I paint landscape. More or less I am a picture maker but that doesn't make me an artist. My life is the art and the picture making is a bi-product of that life. As there is no art without a life lived true and free.

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