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All Eyes Open -  Curated by joe Khosla

'All Eyes Open'

Curated by Joe Khosla


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Have you ever encountered someone or something you can’t explain? You only caught a glimpse of them, and now all you have is your mind to fill in the blanks. All eyes open is a group show of thirteen Bay Area artists, attempting to depict this phenomena by creating mixed media figurative works. All of our eyes, including those buried deep in our unconscious, come to the surface when we attempt tp recreate things we do not yet understand. With all these eyes open, perhaps we can catch a glimpse of what lurks in the corners of our minds. Beings with odd anatomy, dubious intentions, and strange origins are all welcome to this party 

Featuring artists Nancy Jean Guerrero, Maya Noga Djiji, Ryan Fifth, Mark Ochinero, Maybe Later, Tallulah Musser, Pigeon Grotto, Cole Montminy, 8Butus, Jesse Levi, Paris, and Joe Khosla.


A group exhibition curated by Joe Khosla

Opening reception 04/01 5-8pm

On view 04/01 - 05/02

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