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Adriana Malavé

Adriana Malavé (she/her) is a queer visual artist and and community herbalist. Ever since childhood she has been drawn to doodling and playing with color. While making art has always been a part of her life in some form or another, her commitment to a more integrated practice began when she started taking art classes at UC Berkeley. The connection was so strong that she decided to change course in the middle of her studies to pursue a BA in Art Practice, which she completed in late 2012. Since then, her artwork and style has shifted from found object installation, surrealist oil painting, to minimal formal abstraction. In addition to challenging and developing her individual style and visual language, she has exhibited her work both regionally and nationally. When she is not making art, she is most likely reading about plants or making plant medicine. She is on a relatively new and developing path towards integrating visual art and herbal medicine, the practice of using compounds that plants produce for themselves for parallel human purposes. Her current series is deeply inspired by the body’s reciprocal relationship with the natural world and the ways it is reflected and expressed in our inner and outer life and physiology. Her most recent works are intuitive meditations on specific natural landscapes and/or plant species.


She currently lives and works out of San Francisco, CA, with her boston terrier, India.

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