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Above Ground - New works by Adriana Malavé

'Above Ground'

New works of Adriana Malavé


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Adriana Malavé introduces a series of new works that explore the emotional and physical body’s expression of the psychological and spiritual plane. Each work is an intuitive meditation created as part of a daily painting practice of responding to the personal, the political, and the myriad transformational shifts brought on by the pandemic. 


Her current body of work is deeply inspired by the body’s reciprocal relationship with the natural world and the ways it is reflected and expressed in our inner and outer world. Informed by her background and training in the practice of herbal medicine, her recent works are guided by a love and profound respect for plant and fungi species and the landscapes they inhabit and support.


New works by Adriana Malavé

Opening reception 01/22 5-8pm

On view 01/8 - 01/31

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